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Game Updates

Aug, 2014 - ERA 40 - 'Era of Quantum'

In the midst of preparing the new Era, the Quantumverse was broken. The gods have managed to repair it, but it has resulted in the Quantumverse fighting back, targetting the gods. Their Naquadah holds are becoming visible, fluctuations are occasionally hiding their realms from the Protected Planet Treaty, and other random events are breaching the Quantumverse.

How will the gods react?
Who will take advantage of their vulnerability?

And the prizes:
- 1st: 200$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins (credited to an account of winner's choice, so you can sell the credit if you have no GateWars Main acc)
- 2nd: 50$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins
- 3rd: 30$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins

May, 2014 - ERA 39 - 'Era of Ascension'

Ascending brings enlightenment, and greater abilities to grow. Use it to annihilate your enemies... or just sit in the Ascended Cafe and sip your tea.

Your level of enlightenment paves the path to better Weapons, Tech, and more.
NOTE: Ascending does KILL all units. But you keep everything else. Ascending also provides a 10% per level bonus to all stats

Limited USS to 6 per person for the round

And the prizes:
- 1st: 200$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins (credited to an account of winner's choice, so you can sell the credit if you have no GateWars Main acc)
- 2nd: 50$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins
- 3rd: 30$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins

Feb, 2014 - ERA 38 - '#f3e5ab' - (The Vanilla Challenge)

Old school, Vanilla, back to basics.

Going old school, no fuss.
Slight increase in AT availability for all(!) to increase farming-massing dynamic
Top UP has become slightly more important -> slight increase in influence on daily trade and MT UU
Limited USS to 6 per person for the round
Now with Spectacular Prizes!
- 1st: 200$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins (credited to an account of winner's choice, so you can sell the credit if you have no GateWars Main acc)
- 2nd: 50$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins
- 3rd: 30$ worth of Black Market Naq/UU/AT/Merlins

Nov, 2013 - ERA 37 - Ascendant Selective Sentience

Ascending brings enlightenment, and greater abilities to grow. And therefore CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES.

Weapons, Covert Levels, Anti-Covert Levels, Techs -- are all tied to your level of enlightenment. Ascend to become more enlightened.
Ascending does KILL all units. But keeps everything else.
Ascending also provides a 10% per level bonus to all stats.
Otherwise, a 'classic' era :)

Aug, 2013 - ERA 36 - Glory Whole!

Glory and Reputation are what everybody strives for. Without glory you are not whole.

With a higher GnR (glory and reputation) you get better citizens. In fact, here, all stats are increased by having adequate GnR.
Mathematicians have estimated that all stats are multiplied by how many thousand glory you have.
Now - those that are ahead at the start, will obviously get FURTHER ahead as they get more glory. It is only by direct intervention one can stop this upward spiral!
Climaxing too soon used to be would imply a short term strategy. But here, with each climax multiplied by previously gained GnR ... maybe that concept is dead. Here, at least...
Come fight where the fight matters! Where GnR counts for more than face value. Where being better makes you better still!!

other changes:
* market gains adjusted;
* few bug fixes;
* cannot attack over or under 10x your glory more than 5x per day (and no sab) IF either of you has any GnR worth mentioning....
* natural realm wide growth rates decreased
* units taken in raid decreased

May, 2013 - ERA 35 - Counter Strike!

It's all about revenge.

The world here is very normal. Except -- revenge is the driving moral, religious, emotional and judicial force.
Revenge is given legal rights above all else; revenge is viewed as holy - divine - a directive by god. To not take revenge seems...sinful. evil.
So - people of course still war, still take, still kill. But they expect to be hit back. Hard. Very hard.

The technical details

**Attacking - you leave a 'counter' when attacking someone. They can hit you back using this counter (in fact the counter MUST be used if they owe you one and attack.)
This gets them by any protection EXCEPT market obtained quantum shields --thats beyond morals -its physical laws...
They get 5x their normal attack strenght. Cause They're on a Mission From God!
The counter is used up (the one closest to expiry).
You can have multiple counters on one target, or owe multiple (but not both).
If you DO NOT USE YOUR COUNTERS, YOU LOSE GLORY!!!! (1 per unused counter).
Number of Attack Turns used is not relevent -a hit earns a hit.
go - revenge thyself!!

Feb, 2013 - ERA 34 - Time Stackers!

Where it can literally all happen at once.

The world here is very normal. Except -- time is one of the better known forces of nature. It is used in ... unique...ways...

**Attacking: When attacking, you can 'time stack' onto your normal attack. What this does, is effectively attack that many times, ALL AT ONCE! It can be VERY powerful (up to 99x more powerful than a single attack!).
Note though that it is NOT like attacking many times in a row -- more like using a much heavier hammer to hit something, than a light hammer many hits...

**Defending: You can preset your defense (on the base page, near the top) with a time stack multiple, and a time stack minimum attack. You will only time stack when the enemy attack is OVER your set threshold. You will only time stack if you have the turns.
You need x turns to use your time stack. So a multiple of 3, if the user attacks with 15 turns, would use 30 of your turns (the first timeline is free...).
Your defense power would be x . Note that if the attacker timestacks, those turns do not count. Only their 'natural' turns used.
As example, assume you have defense of 1000 and they have attack of 1000. They attack with 5 turns, stack of 5 (for 25 turns total). You have your minimum set to 100, and a stack of 3. They will attack with 5 turns (turned into 25), power 5000 - you defend with power 3000 and use 10 turns in doing so. Attacker wins.

**Sabotage: This one is a bit different, and slightly more complicated. There has been no defense found for protecting from time stacked sabotage. It is, though, hard to do effectively, and is therefore expensive in turns to use.
In time stacking a sabotage, you send xxx spies, and they sabotage with power of x . Only the normal amount of units die, etc -- but the power of the sab is bigger.
The cost is measured in covert capacity, and a sabotage usually uses 3 capacity. Each stack above this, uses x 2 ... so A timestack of 2 uses 3 + (2 x 2) = 7 capacity. The next stack (3rd one) would use 7+(3x2)=13 capacity. the next (4th) uses 13 + (4x2) = 21 capacity...and so on.
While expesive, without a defense, it can be very effective. Note also that 'officially' only 3 capacity has been used against your enemy...

As you might guess, this simple wrinkle in this quantumverse, leads to many strategic options and counter-options.
Will you be quick enough to master the elements of time here, in order to rule supreme? Or will you let others time-dominate you????
Only time will tell.....

Nov, 2012 - ERA 33 - PeasantVille!

MidEval Land...sort of.

mid era update: Plague to 20x income (up from 5x)
There was 1 plague; now there are 2
This Era is odd - to you - in that it seems so lowly developed here.
The world itself that you find yourself on, judging from cosmological signs, is HUGE. It must be over 1,000,000 times the size of 'original earth'. This you cannot explain, but know to be so.
The various race families are still here, but everything is technologicially underdeveloped. Even naquadah has little, or no, energy component -its just a dull metal.
Peasants - the lifeblood of the realm - are plentiful, and as much a commodity as naq. Although they fight - fairly well. The world itself is brutal, and just living here teaches the basics of fighting and battle.
You have 'safe' areas you can hide your peasants/citizens if you have desire to keep them safe. You can call them back anytime (the 'unit bank'.)

This is the gold plague - slightly similar to black plague. It is caught from one who has had the plauge for at least 12 hours, when you are in contact with them(ie in their mines looting them!!).
If you have the plague for over 24 hours, you build up enough resistance to train units again. It is likely any attack by you will infect your enemy though...
It infects ALL your citizens, who feel compelled to flee to the mines. They work 5x harder than normal citizens, in a blind compulsion.
You cannot get them out!
You cannot get any protection while in plauge - it simply cannot be organized with everyone in the mines!
No new citizens are born during plague. 5% of existing do die from this. And all mercs abandon.
You can, though, sell weapons at 95% of new cost (vs. 90% att and 60% def, normallY).
Your people are able to start living normally after the plague is over. Upon finishing, your realm closes its borders for 24hours (ppt), and you get a week of resistance to the plague.
You can also untrain your miners for free during that week.

So - basic. brutal. abusive. sounds fun....

Aug, 2012 - ERA 32 - BloodSworn Enemies!

MidEra Tweaks

Cost of retrain miners - was bugged. It was listed at 100, and cost less (the difference grew by day...)
We set the actual cost to the displayed cost (ie fixed the bug). We have also reduced the cost to a third of what it was listed at (comprmise for those that played at stated cost vs. those that used the bug, knowingly or not).

The Realm

Here, who you choose as an enemy, and how well you fight against them, determines your worth.
You will be more powerful against your enemies (and as such having a weak enemy, is really wasting your time...).
The Specifics:
1) When attacking your enemy, you will be 3x as powerful in attack.
2) When your enemy attacks you, you will be 3x as powerful in defense.
3) When your enemy uses covert against you, your covert defenses are 3x more powerful than normal.
3.5) Your enemy will likely never see your units or naq counts from the ranking screens. They must spy (see 3 above).
4) When you use covert against your enemy, you are 3x more powerful than normal.
5) Your glory rises when you defeat an enemy in a bloody battle (easy wins don't count -again you need worthy enemies), and return with goods.
6) You can have 5 bloodsworn enemies.
7) Choose well, for once BloodSworn - there is no going back. You set your enemies on their stats page.
8) Bloodsworn enemies are public information.
9) Remember, others can have enemies too...and you just may be such a target. Sometimes, as they say, the abyss looks back at you....

Note: Glory is now ranked. It will likely continue to be so, since 'winning' (along the quantum era, as well as right at the end) should count for something....

May, 2012 - ERA 31 - Hedonism Rulez!

Fine Tune

Happiness defections are limited to 10% of the units involved....regardless of raw numbers, or happiness differences.

The Realm

The realm is quite 'ordinary' -- except -- happiness is the goal of the populations of ALL worlds, ALL races, in this quantum reality.
This means that they will seek happiness whereever they see it --which, due to your expansionistic inclinations -- they see in the realms of those you attack, raid, spy or sabotage.
To ensure you do not lose your population to such pleasure seeking awol-ness ... you must balance your goals, and the happiness in the realm...damn them.
Happiness is achieved by:
1) having a higher percent of 'general population' (ie untrained units) as a part of your overall population. If everyone is a miner, spy or military -- nobody is left for basic sevices!
2) training entertainers. These are special units - still a part of the general population - but aimed specifically at making people happy. They cost to train, are untrainable, cost to upkeep, and provide DOUBLE happiness values...
3) Do not work your population as hard!! Give them more time off, and let them slack off when working. This will, of course, affect productivity (in income generation, covert, attack and defense). But is does make them happy not working hard...
** These aspects give you a 'happiness rating' ... this is a relative value, with meaning only when your people look at other realms' living standards (and happiness rating). IF you are in a realm with a HIGHER rating than you, you will lose some of your population to them. The math is explained in the 'mouseover' on the base page. Basicly its turns in realm * (minimum of your troops there; their general population count) * (difference in happiness values). Where happiness values are as above...again the math is outlined in mouseover on base page on the happiness factors.
NOTE ALSO: here, it COSTS YOU to maintain untrained units (10 naq, base per unit, per turn...) as well as entertainers. Miners make 500/turn each (base - affected by bonuses and penelties.)
The units defecting are taken and turned into miners ...
The units gone are outlined on the spy or attack reports...
NOTE ALSO ALSO: Super Defenders are generated in UP along with UU and miners. Once a day, a set number of weapons are also 'smuggled' into the hands of at least some of these defenders....More per day as the realm progresses...

NEW RULE: No feeding of other accounts (on purpose) is allowed. TAKE is fine; never GIVE.....its not in the spirit of the short lived quantumverses!!
BUGS HERE: forum for era 31 bugs

Feb, 2012 - ERA 30 - Amped!

The Realm

The realm is very similar to 'normal' worlds...except..
Every unit type can be made into 'super units' -- well - more than super, actually. (and as such super attacks / defenders are absent, as they're not so super here).
In the training area, you can upgrade units (attackers, defenders, miners, covert, anticovert). The cost is 150,000 per unit per level. The cost does not go up per level...but...
The increase is linear - ie level 3 is 3x a level 1, while level 9 is 9x a level 1. So the cost is linear, and the returns diminishing (compared to the last upgrade).
Getting new units always gives level 1 units - and those units are averaged into your existing units, bringing down your average level (the amount depending on how many relative to how many you already had, and their level).
Death rates in battle, etc are also affected by unit level. In short - more powerful units are better...much better.

Nov, 2011 - ERA 29 - Slave Worlds

The Realm

The concepts of respect, power, wealth -- all revolve around slave acquisition and retention here.
Even attacking directly for currency is viewed as a cowardly act not worthy of attempting (plus all the other leaders would call you names).
The only thing that matters --and the only way to grow in power -- are slaves.
You acquire slaves by raiding your enemies. In fact, that is the only valid use of military here.
Because general citizens are targets for slave raids, nobody really wants to be in that tier of society here. In fact, they avoid it so harshly that over time 'untraining' a specialised unit became taboo.
Nobody, once a member of the military or manufacturing/production/mining, can be converted back to an ordinary citizen / slave ...
Think hard. This means that ALL resource production (naquadah) must be done 'in house' via miners and untrained/slaves. Only untrained/slaves can be raided, though.
But -- do not ignore your military!! Nor your covert ...
The decisions will be hard... all choices a compromise. All, that is except:

Aug, 2011 - ERA 28 - The Stones of Power

The Realm

There exists here, 4 Stones of Power throughout the entire multiverse .. .just 4.
Throughout this multiverse, they are an end onto themselves. To hold a stone, is to be like a God
Each greatly enhances one aspect of the stone holder realm.
They are, of course, highly sought after, and the first thing taken when you are defeated in battle. So guard them well, if you ever obtain one!
They are: the attackStone, the covertStone, the wealthStone, and the birthStone.
Behold their wonder. Fear the death that follows them.

The Stones

attackStone: Gives you 10x your normal attack power. Although it will not be stated, those you attack could likely guess you are more powerful than you should be. A spy into your realm would also reveal the stone.
covertStone: Gives you 6x your normal covert power. Every spy attempt on your realm will fail. Every sabotage attempt on your realm will fail.
wealthStone: Gives you 10x your normal income. Automatically converts all untrained units into miners each turn. A spy into your realm will reveal the item. (does not count for supporter bonuses)
birthStone: Gives you 2x your normal population growth each turn. A spy into your realm will reveal the item.

How the Stones work

You can get a stone by attacking (and defeating) the current stone holder.
You can find a stone holder by either spying them, or 'guessing' based on other factors.
When the stone changes hands, everyone in the game will know within 24hours. It is, after all, news about the most important item / event in this verse.
The rumour mill will also provide a possible new holder of the stone. But be warned - the rumour mill is not always accurate, nor always timely.
When you have a stone, it works automatically. You can do anything you normally do, except vacation (vacationing leaves the stone behind).
GLORY + 2 per stone you hold. So holding all 4 gives +8 ...
If you hold a stone for more than 4 days, every will surely know.

Other Changes/Updates/Fixes

The max turns you can hold is now listed on base page. As is the amount of attack turns you get / tick.
If you are over max turns held limit, you LOSE the normal amount gained, per tick, until you hit 'natural max'. Again, it will tell you this on base page.
Supporter Market gives less turns than previously. Gives more units than previously.
Supporter Naq Given no longer based on own income (saves having to maximzie income before looking at supporter). Also larger than previously for most accounts.
Covert/AC used to be calculated using a (/10 + agents), then techs, then (square root x 200) -- this is now changed. It is now: square root THEN *10+(10*agents) THEN techs. So in effect it makes the number of agents, and techs, more important (as they are not square rooted). It also now multiplies by 10 after square root, opposed to divide by 10 before square root, before. Anyway -its more than before :)

May, 2011 - ERA 27 - Time Loops or Attack of the Time Ghosts

Fine Tuning

Naq win by Ghost Attacks: There is now a 20% chance on a win, that a ghost account will be solid enough to carry away Naq from the win. 80% chance they attack, then fade away, leaving any naq they may have won (actually they will take 1 naq!)

The Realm

On the surface, it looks fairly normal... but...
You note that time here is soft. A lot of energy, and it bends - in fact it will bend in on itself.
The practical results that you note are that high energy actions (specifically attack and sabotage) create time loops.
This loop creates a past version of YOURSELF! ... doing the action that created them/it/you over and over... (5 times actaully, about 24hours apart).
SO - if you are attacked or sab'd ... you can expect to see it happen again and again and again and again and again, each day at the same time.
Of course, you think "I think I can use this to my advantage...or at least to really really annoy my enemies..."
And the weapon is cast into the pit, for those brave enough to weild it...And that weapon is time itself!

Feb, 2011 - ERA 26 - Solar Flare Powered Quantum Duplication

The Realm

Solar Flare Powered Quantum Duplication Allows for duplication of resources of ONE aspect of your realm. Choose between Attack, Defence, Covert, Income or Population. Not only will your resources double, the focus on this one area will have other, more subtle, changes in your realm from what your general population defaults to in terms of work, to turn generation, to ... well... you'll see.
The science is complex yet easily understood -- harnessing the power of solar flares (and not being interested in time travel) the science of the realm has used e=mc squared, to duplicate whole areas of matter. Quantum entanglement dictated that the new matter must take of the form of existing matter for duplication purposed, and subtleties dictated that mixed purpose areas of matter had issues so each era grouped their specific function resources together, thus allowing the said doubling.


Each quantum era has slightly different balance between weapon, armies, covert, etc. To balance the power of sabotage, a quantum realm multiplier was introduced. This will balance the power of sabotage to a point where a single level 20 covert agent can about destroy one large attack weapon. If 'natural' power is less, it is multiplied. If more,divided. The multiplier is used only when engaged (not in stats) and can be seen in the quantum era detail with quantum glory.


Feeding -or using one account solely to power another - is against the rules. There are ingame stoppers -such as limiting maximum gain per attack to a days worth of income, more or less. But the practise of using one or more accounts solely to feed one main account is against the rules. Account caught abusing this will be banned.

Nov, 2010 - ERA 25 - Attack of the Clones


Note: We have found how some scripts have been used (massing/farming) and stopped them.
You may note that occasionally you will be logged out after an attack, or a bank deposit may error. This will be very rare, if you ever get one. But if so, do not worry -it is a consequence of added security (anti-bots/anti-scripts) and while occasionally annoying, will benefit the game, and you, overall!


* (dec16,2010): A maximum naq gained per attack turn has been introduced.
This is to counter feeding. It is not illegal to help your friends or alliance members, but it was getting excessive. (Accounts 100% dedicated to helping one other account are frowned upon, and may create enemies.) Thus this update.
Each attack turn used on an enemy (or friend) can take a maximum of 2 days total possible income from that realm, where total possible income is their income if every unit was a miner (or 10x dailyUP were miners, if they have less than 10 days UP of units), at current bonus levels (excludes realm alert, and officers).
This still allows smaller accounts to snipe larger ones, as their maximum income is much higher. And it addresses the issue of others farming for you -- if they do this, you will at least have to spend the turns to get the booty from them.
Also - if you spy another realm, you will see their maximum per turn naq obtainable.
* (dec16,2010): Clones are no longer created from clones, but from 'real' realms only.
* (dec16,2010): Clones do not rebuy top weapons each day. This should allow them to be worn down over time.
* Clone creation cycle from 30 min to 4hours (changed on day 1).
* Clones given some basic AI functions (day 3ish):

 Once a turn, they will train their untrained into att,def,cov,ac and miner.
 Once a turn, they will repair weapons.
 Once a day, they will buy new weapons (top ones) to arm each of their supers, attack and defense.



* Each 4 hour cycle, the top ranked player is duplicated, cloned, mirrored or otherwise created as a copy of the 'real' player.
* The race is 'clone', and the name 'clone(round number)', and obviously not login-able. Aside from that, though, they are identical.
* The clones will 'auto grow' with the rest of the server, but will not active attack or grow their realm.
* The clones cannot produce in the last week of the era. Marco Quantum Entanglement breaks down...
* The reality here is that there are a constant army of players - albeit mostly static players - coming to block you from the top ranks ...can you overcome them?


* Ascending has stayed - but now doubles attack/def/covert/anti-covert and income EACH 4 ASCENDED LEVELS.
* The cost of ascending is slightly higher (50k to 80k units per ascension. Naq same.)
* Max ascended level is now 16.


* Can anyone beat the clones? Race ranks introduced to make this easier to say...This will be a permanent feature (race ranks that is...)


* Clone creation cycle from 30 min to 4hours (changed on day 1).

Aug, 2010 - ERA 24 - Echoes of Ascension


* Realm Alert values went from 0-70 to 0-40...due to the exponential nature of covert, this is necessary. New names to reflect new values.
* Spying now gives enemy covert and anti-covert power, as well as power cells/techs.
* Checking your covert power with partial units sent: now can be done on the spy or sab screen...before sending units.
* The power of covert and anti-covert has been adjusted: it is now the square root of what it used to be. If you send in only SOME of your units, the same applies ... in short, sending in more provides diminishing returns or less power per unit, for each additional unit. This is a bit extreme, but does a couple (good) things: 1) it makes the numbers manageable and 2)it reduces the distance between accounts, making spying and sab more competitive. Will see if this is popular, to see if it stays. In honesty, it was needed this era due to the large nubmers from ascension bonuses. * Top ascension level is not a full double. It adds 0.10 to the exponent, meaning level 12 is 4096 times as powerful as no ascension, and level 13 is 4390 times as powerful as no ascension. This was done for a couple reasons: 1) it allows for a 'top maximum benefit' ascension level in future, and 2)it makes the rest of era at least competitive for the top ascended player, as the top ascension was gained a lot quicker than anticipated, therefore the benefit a lot more than anticipated. This seemed the fairest way to solve it.
* after week 4 all accounts with ascension level lower than (week-2) will gain one 'free ascension' each week....
* number display got a tweak - anything bigger than a trillion has a x,xxx format now. (for example: 1,111,111,111,111 will be 1,111 billion , etc .. up to quadrillions)
* spying: Your chance of seeing any single stat is now: [ (your covert) / (their covert) * 5 ] + [ units sent / 1million ] to a maximum of 90 percent. It will tell you your percent chance. Before it was either zero or 90, unless you both had tiny amounts of units.



note: update made max level 12 (with one account at 13), and increased costs - per below. (nobody has ascended yet..)
This is the major differentiator in this realm. Ascending is bought with naq, like covert levels or UP. (also on the training page). You actually bring in the roaming "Priors of Ascension and Funerals" -- who guide your entire realm through ascending. Every living citizens dies during the process (the mercs see the priors coming, and run away, and thus survive). BUT -- each new being in the realm from that point on is twice as powerful as before. (so a 3 times ascended realm has beings 2x2x2=8 times more powerful, 5 times ascended = 2x2x2x2x2x = 32 times as powerful, etc) all the way to 13 levels of ascension. There can be only one level 13.
The power applies to attack, defense, covert, anti-covert, and income generation (miners).
The cost of ascending is (4 to the power of (Your Ascended Level + 5) ) x 10000 naq, and requires a minimum of 50,000 times your next level squared units.
The real question you must ask, is: is giving up the population on hand worth the added power of future populations.

Unit Production

The cost is 2.5x cheaper than previously, and each purchase of Unit Production increases UP by 25, opposed to 10 previously. In short, it is easier to get Unit Production this era. This should help with the Ascending killing all units :)
Note: updated current unit production to new prices by increasing exising user production over starting amound, by 2.5 times for 'free'. This makes having bought UP, or buying UP now, the same.

Untraining Miners

There is still a cost to untraining miners, but it is less than last era. The cost to untrain is: (era age in days) x (era age in days) x 5

Max Turns

Max Turns you can hold, before you lose a 'turns worth' of attack turns per turn, is 2500. This increases by 250 each ascension.

Attacking Mothership Engagement

If the defending realm has 2.5 times the power of the attacking realm, the attacking mothership will refuse to engage for fear of a severe beating.
This limit is also the limit where no damage is done to the defender realm, as they are simply too powerful to reach with enough firepower to damage them.


There is an added option in the weekly (SS) market to untrain 10% of your miners for free...Ontop of the 'switch attack to defense' and 'switch defense to attack' unit options.
The 'add to your techs' bonus, which used to be +5, is now + (5 times era days old)

Alliance Max Members

A limit is introduced, to make the alliance ranking more effective, and to keep the alliances in proportion to the game population.
The limit is currently set to 10 members.

Dev Site

As a trial, the dev site is open at (note the grey background to differentiate it) -- you can experiment here. It is not tied to the 'real' quantum in any way, expect that the quantum reality is the same.

The Rest

The remainder is more or less 'normal' gameplay as it is in most quantumverses.


Can be posted to the era 24 topic on quantum forums HERE

May, 2010 - ERA 23 - Racial Profiling

Race Family Wars Background and Major Shifts in Reality

Each race, though self-named, belongs to a race family or genus. The basic types are Human, Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Life, Asgard Alien (little gray humanoids), and Parasitic life.
In this quantum reality, it appears the hatred between specific race families is immense. So much so that entire cultural and military development specializes in battling the one hated race genus.
The practical result is a doubling of attack and defense and sabotage potential when they engage their hated enemy.

If you engage in battle with your sworn race family enemy, you get double attack and defense. Your covert does not increase, but the maximum damage you can do doubles (as if you were in a 2way war)
The odd thing in this reality, is that there is no hating of the haters. Each race has its own hated enemy -seen in the 'change race' link bottom right of base page, or right here:
*Humans hate Artificial Intelligence Life
*Artificial Intelligence Life hates Asgard Aliens
*Asgard Aliens hate Parasitic Life
*Parasitic Life hates Humans.

Race Family Unique Abilities

The 'race tech' or 'unique ability' of each race family was sarcificed in favor of concentrating on improved specific skills per above.
This quantum era appears to have no racial family unique abilities (ie hologram, revive dead soldiers, etc).

Protection and starting turns

There will be no protection when the era opens.
There will be a set amount of open naq and banked naq given each account, when the realm opens to play.
There will be no turns 'banked' before teh era opens...
This should make the first day massing that people fear will imbalance the remaineder of the era a non-issue.
Likewise with when one can get on to play...In short, I hope this change makes a more balanced start, even at the cost of some initial excitement for a minority who can make the most of it :)

Life, The Universe, and Everything Else

*Retraining Miners gets more and more expensive each day that passes here....
*You note some new options on the supporter market. You can access the supporter market either buy buying Supporter Status (lasts forever), or buy it each round with ingame currency (still a pretty good deal!)
*Similar to last era, there is a limit to attacks over time (to stop scripts and start-of-turn-super-tabbed-clickers) which is now 10/30seconds (up from 6 per 30).
*You note turns are a bit more rare here...
Everything else seems to be more or less similar to 'home world' ... You are sure this is a quantumverse you can rule!!

Feb, 2010 - ERA 22 - Anti-Matter Matters

Update Apr28/2010 - AntiMatter and End of Quantum Era

Your scientists predict that AntiMatter / Matter Reactions will cease to create their usual destruction as the quantumverse fluxes (ie last 5 days of the quantum era).
In effect, your Anti-Matter Specialists will become useless in the last 5 days of era...your scientists warn.
Consider yourself warned.


A more traditional world (closer to your own main quantumverse, at least), the battles and growth work similar to how you expect it to. You expect a history close to your own - except...
You have identified one major scientific breakthrough absent in your own quantumverse timeline - anti-matter discovery, and containment. It seems this is a type of doomsday device - outlawed in many forms and uses.
The treaties around the development, research and use of anti-matter have more or less narrowed the applications to one: small scale, single use weapons on planetary surfaces, deployed by an army (not launched from afar).
Breaking these treaties will bring the retaliation of the only universal governing body - the Anti-matter Weapons Systems Holders of Interdependent Technologies -- who enforce the limits of anti-matter technologies with the threat of deploying the only planetary scale anti-matter weapon (held by them) on the offending home planet. Not a perfect solution, but it does keep the universe from being destroyed all at once...intentionally or by accident...
So - you accept and acknowledge the small scale anti-matter weapons, an undefensible weapon, and plan your conquest....

Basics of how things work

*Anti-matter weapons are built into a delivery specialist. They are expensive, and the process of containing the anti-matter costs many many lives which is reflected in the cost of producing each devliery specialist. Unlike most weapons that can be held by any soldier, the specialist and the anti-matter weapon come as a single unit (via the training page, not armory). Likewise, your anti-matter weapon stock will show on your personelle summaries and not in your armory (you do NOT store your antimatter with your grenades!!!). Please note: when an Anti-Matter Specialist engages, thats it - they are gone too! Better to burn up than fade away, they say....

*Anti-matter carries a heavy cost in safety and preparation to transport. The more anti-matter you bring, the more attack preparedness (attack turns) you use. Note that anti-matter does not care about ones training - strength - tech or reputation. If it gets to your units -they are gone! There is no defense, there is no resistance ... (yes, resistance is futile...) once they strike.
Anti-Matter, once existing in large enough quantities, carries its own quantum wave function will show up somewhat randomly throughout the universe. Every realm takes advantage of this to harness anti-matter weapons at no cost to their realm, although the production rate is minimal (about 1 specialists worth per week per realm).

*Coming into this quantumverse, you note a lack of extended protection, and a lesser readiness for attack. Here, attack readiness must be built up over time. The same holds true for income, although you are pleased with your bank...

*Overall, you see this verse to be a steadier growth, and not as much a race out of the start....Also, with pricing of enhancements more expensive, you should question closely when to buy: when - or even if... buying upgrades seems to require some strategy here...

*You will need to be at least half as powerful (your attack greater than half their defense) as an enemy to damage them at all. Below this, and you do not get close enough to engage, before you are forced to retreat - doing them no damage at all (anti-matter included).

*Banking fees are the same for all races (seems banks are corrupt here too!) at 0% ...

*Races are still custom named, although fall into the 4 generalized race classes: of human origin; AI replicator; symbiote / parasitic; humanoid but alien.

*Race bonuses adjusted to: parasite 20% income; alien 30% defense; replicator 20% covert and 20% anticovert; human 35% attack ---everyone gets free banking (opposed to just parasite previously). Also the bonus does NOT AFFECT the cost of weapons, or levels or techs. The bonus is in the RESULTS of those inputs.

*Anti Matter Specifics: Cost to buy: 50 untrained and 443,000 naq. Cost to use: 1 attack turn for each 10 units. Adds to your stats: nothing. Destroyed after use: yes. Damage to enemy: 100 units (order is listed on training page). Simple as that :) ... and yes, this is a miner and UU destroyer!!! Expensive, but very efficient and thourough! Value of enemy supers, miners and uu being destroyed, the look on their faces when they see it: priceless!

*Cost of techs and UP increases: there is a 'catchup factor' applied here, for the benefit of those not able to start right away, or those who can use it strategically. The cost of UP increases is: normal cost x (your UP/topUP) -- to a maximum discout of 50% ... The same is true for the technologies, up to a 75% discount. (ie cost x (yours/top) ).

*Natural realm growth: each realm grows naturally with the increased size of their neighbours - there is after all immigration, migration, technology leaks, etc etc. SO - each realm gets a bonus of untrained, miners, and unit production, daily - based on the entire quantumverse, and top realms therein. NOTE: techs do not grow on their own - they must be purchased.

Spy/Anti-Covert is 'back' to covert vs. covert to spy, covert vs. anti-covert to sab and anti-cov with army to destroy enemy covert.

FEB 25: Defending AntiMatter Specialists are not reached unless the attacker has more than half the defender's army power. Thus an attack on a defender with more than twice your power will result in 0 defending AMS used in battle, 0 defending AMS dead in battle.

Nov, 2009 - ERA 21 - Defensive Measures


Success here is defined by defence, not offense. A mighty realm is one that is unbreakable -not one that has a mighty offense. As such, all technology, social structure, and social mores favor defense over offence.
There is even a race here, that is minor in most verses, that comes close to domination - the Re'Tu (a spider like race, with both good and evil factions and characteristics within the race. Like the Tuari, they hold the range of morals and are not purely good or evil). Slightly out of phaze with the rest of the quantumverse, they have a naturally effective defence (and covert) ability. Here, they were worshipped early on in the quantumverse, taking the place of the dominant Gods of other versus. While they were eventually matched by the growth of other races, they still maintain a very respectful power base and awe from many other races. Besides, in all honesty, who does not fear the arachnids !!

Basics of how things work

Every army has attack and defence. The attack of each goes against the defence of the other.
Defence is damaged by attack if it can penetrate, and attack damaged by use.
Spying goes against counter-intelligence. Sabotage the same.
Only an armed attack can damage the enemy counter intelligence (if it can beat the defences of course).
Declaring war or peace is fine -but it does not affect the battles. It is for keeping tabs on friends and enemies only.
Defense is much easier to come by than attack.

Each turn, 30% of your unit production is forced into income generation (miner) while 70% remains in the general population.
An income unit makes 500 Naquadah per turn, while a general unit makes 50 Naquadah per turn.

Defence tech adds directly to Defence Power

Each Defencive tech adds the equivalent of a 50k powered weapon, as well as a percent bonus. In fact, it is a hidden, non destroyable defence that is added with each tech.

New Race

In this quantumverse, the Re'Tu are a powerful force! Their defences (helped by being out of phaze) have given them the economic and social status that allowed them to rise to the top in population, power and respect. Defense rules!

Break it or Bust

If you cannot break a defence, -ie overpower it with offense- it is not damaged. It is therefore vitally important to ensure your offense is up to the job, or it is a wasted attack. You gain nothing, and they lose nothing.

Race Change For Free

Race Changes do not have a penalty, aside from using a race change.

Growth of Techs per Day

All techs grow each day. In fact, they grow more each day (by a set fixed amount, not a percent of your current techs).

Weapon Costs

You will note that, unlike last era, the cost per point decreases with larger and larger weapons -not increases.

Aug, 2009 - ERA 20 - Ringed Worlds


Not a lot is known about how things came to be here, but this is known: Naquadah is plentiful. StarGates seem to be everywhere! Whether it is because space travel never really developed, or caused the lack of space travel, nobody really knows. Attacking is easy, though, as everywhere there is a gate. Spaceships are non-existent, so ground armies rule. In short, it is a normal looking quantumverse, with wealth a plenty -- ready for you to take it!!

The Basics of the Era

Attacking works similar to Era 19 -- every army has attack and defence. The attack of each goes against the defence of the other. Defence is damaged by attack, and attack damaged by use. If defences are beat, further damge is done.
Spying goes against counter-intelligence. Sabotage the same. Only an armed attack can damage the enemy counter intelligence (if it can beat the defences of course).
Declaring war or peace is fine -but it does not affect the battles. It is for keeping tabs on friends and enemies only.
Each day, as news and technology and people migrate throughout the universe (easily via gates), each realm benefits from increased populations, trades, and technologies.
Technologies are cheaper for those much lower than the top, but equal for those near the top. The 'cheapest' one can get a tech is 50% of the 'new' cost.
More to come....

Cry, Baby, Cry

Ok -its going to get mean. Whole realms can be destroyed with enough effort. The sacred cow has been stolen by The Hamburgler!! A defeated defence will let covert, AntiCovert, even miners, find everlasting peace...(yes thats a euphamism for die).

May, 2009 - ERA 19 - Galaxies of the Living WorldShips


All populations have migrated to planet sized, intelligent ships since their planets were destroyed by such ships. The ships then incorporated the populations (without the bodies), including a consciousness breeding system, and they continue to live and grow and dominate in this fashion - huge ships with the consciousness of entire planets and galxies. It is these ships that dominate this quantum reality. They eat everything else....

The Basics of Era / Worldships

There is but WorldShips. And things that power them. And things that improve them. There are no planets. There is no 'realm alert'. There is no Nox (their planet was eaten...). There are no mercenaries wandering around. There are no people, in fact...still in bodies separate from a ship or starbase. Things are simple here - there are WorldShips, and that is all there is...(small living market planetoid aside...)
Worldships have 6 major aspects: weaponry, shields, scanners, sensors, miners and their consciousness growth technology/bank.
Weaponry is exactly that - weapons to attack other ships.
Shields are the only thing that can defend against other ships weapons.
Scanners allow you to 'see' outside the ship and more importantly determine much about other ships. Or - at high powers - disintegrate other ships a molecule at a time.
Sensors monitor all aspects of the area around the ship, and can counteract any negative force be it radiation, waves (mirco/gamma/etc), or -- their primary purpose - other ship's Scanners effects. In short, they are the only thing you have that stops other ships from scanning you.
Miners are self directed, intelligent entities that scout for materials your WorldShip can use to grow. Having destroyed most of the planets in existence, there is a lot of raw material out there...more Mining entities ensures you gather more building material (naquadah) over time.
Consciousnesses Growth/Storage is the WorldShip equivalent to unit production. To create new components, building material (naq) alone is fine for the physical aspect, but a consciousness must be infused at time of building for it to function at all.... Stored consciousnesses exist and help basic ship structural integrity (helps defense a bit) until they are assigned a more specific task from one of the 5 other aspects. They can then be incorporated into a weapon, shield, scanner or sensor: again, consciousness + naquadah = intelligent ship component.

Fleets and Armadas

Fleets - Each WorldShip can directly command a Fleet of other ships. (similar to commander/officer relationships).
Armadas - Less structured (usually) than a Fleet, and able to grow much larger, Ships and/or Fleets can join Armadas. Together they can bring their collective force to bear. (similar to alliances).

Ranking within the Quantumverse

Overall ranking (Galactic Rank) is dictated by 6 factors, each also ranked separately in your 'WorldShip Rank & Military Information' section of your command page: Firing Power, Shield Strength, Scanner Strength, Sensor Capacity, Capital Ship (similar to mothership, as an iguana is to Godzilla), and Era Military Experience. Era Military experience is gained from action of course, and a breakdown can be found by clicking the number representing your experience.
The 6 ranks are totalled, and the one with the highest total (or lowest, actually) is ranked 1. And so on.


In battle, whether attacking or defending, things work the same. (only big differences are that resources can only be gained while attacking - the attacker spends the turns and is ready to clean up if they win; and the attacker will tend to take more damage not having a fortified position, and flying through space and all...).
Sensors and Scanners are collapsed into the WorldShip hull. They stick out a big way ... not good for close combat.
Consciousness Production is held at the center of the ship -its safe. For now, so are the consciousnesses (consciousnii) that are not delegated to a specific task - they aid in defense best they can contributing a little to hull integrity.
Battle ensues.
Attack weapons attack simutaneously, and continually, during battle.
Shields (on both sides) attempt to block that attack.
Damage is done:
Weapons on both sides wear down a bit, having fired (percent repair needed). Shields on both sides are damaged, assuming the enemy hit was more than a 'pinprick' (say 1/10th or larger..). Percent repair needed.
Some shields are overloaded, and completely destroyed. How many depends on the strength of the attack, how many shileds you have and your shield strength compared to their attack. Remember that power techs can greatly improve the strength of each individual shield...
Weapons are further worn down, based on enemy Shields. Shield tech is so advanced that when directly assulted, it deploys counter-measures. How much repair your weapons need, and how many are outright fried due to the Shields, depends on the shield strength versus your attack power. Unless you completely overwhelm, expect damages above normal use 'wear and tear' :) .
Some Scanner and Sensors completely destroyed, when hit. They are just not made to take a beating...The amount that are destroyed depend on the surface area of your WorldShip used by that component (factor of component count), and how well your Shields held against the enemy Weapons. Remember that simply having more shield power than fire power does not mean you are untouched...unless you overwhelm, some hits DO get through....
If the attacker does beat the enemy shields (this time even slightly counts), they can hold it in place while continuing to fire, knocking loose any recoverable building matter (ie naquadah), and allowing their mining forces to recover said salvage.

Intel / Astrometrics / Scanners & Sensors

Scanners are 'active' components. They transmit, and can affect the external physical world in very significant ways.
, they can gather intelligence. They probe spacetime itself, within which everything is woven, and can therefore determine the makeup of any matter. You use this to gather information about enemy WorldShips. Call it 'spying' at a massive scale.
Second, by increasing power significantly, Scanners can do serious damage to said spacetime, and all that is woven within it. (think of it like changing the sensing wave from normal light, to microwave. You have all seen what happens when you put something in the microwave too long, or at too high a power...A flashlight, and a microwave, work on very similar concepts...just different power.). You can also think of this like sabotage.
Your ability to succeed in either of these attempts (getting information being a lot easier than destroying) is the enemy sensors.
are passive -they receive information. That is their job - detect. Now -when they do detect, if they are quick and powerful enough, they can also reflect. In short, they can turn the enemy transmission back at them, causing damage to the source of the transmission. (feedback wave). The more powerful your sensor capacity, the more likely you are to succeed at this, when compared to the scanner power coming at you....
A successful Intel does not affect your Sensors. A successful destruction mission does blow a small percent of the Scanners used. Blown Scanners are not recoverable.
A failed info attempt will have a small percent of the Scanners used destroyed by enemy feedback - how many depends on the power of the enemy, but since it is a low power excercise, the most you can lose is still relatively minor.
A failed destruction Scan will destroy many more Scanners - the exact percent also dictated by the power of the enemy Sensors. You can expect to lose no more than a third of those used, though, even on a huge failure.
Scanners and Sensors are not used in battle, but can be damaged when the enemy WorldShip fires on your Worldship....
Power Rating & Infrastructure Upgrades
People are used to their 'big upgrade' in covert style power to double with each level. In order to put the covert/anticovert (scanner/sensor) closer to the other stats, which is needed for good balance in galactic power and in functions such as sab/scan to pieces, the calculation has changed. We are now using 1.57 to the power of (opposed to the old way of 2 to the power of level). Both calcs then divide by 10 then add the number of units/components, and after multiply by race and tech bonuses, to get the end result.

Income (nobody really uses money - everyone trades in the best building material -Naquadah.

Mining matter around you, and converting it to usable building material, is the job of your 'mining entities'. They are the only things that can do this. Nothing else finds, or creates Naquadah for you. SO mining, and attacking, are the only means of accelerated growth for you.

what i missed

just use the forums, quantum general section, era 19 topic, to tell me what i have left out :)

Feb, 2009 - ERA 18 - WORLD OF THE OLD GODS


In our quantumverse, Ancient Gods fell to mythology. Christianity and the Inquisition persecuted or killed any who held belief in any but the 'one true God'. In other parts of the universe, similar actions unfolded - for example, the 'Path' of the Ori. Believe it, and it alone, or die.
Not so in this quantumverse.
All Gods of old kept their places. Many more Gods flourished where they otherwise might never have been borne in belief. In fact, every society had, and has, a virtual encyclopedia of Gods available to them.
The more they worship, sacrifice and donate to their Gods, the stronger they get. The more room for new Gods. The more their lands are infused wtih Godly power.
And thus it is - war and domination still exist, of course, but every realm has Gods on their side. For if they did not, they are long dead, here.

The Mechanics of Gods

Gods are gained by living sacrifice and large amounts of donated currency.
They will fight with you, and stay with you, once properly worshipped.
They will help you in both offense and defence.
Each fight, they grow weaker, but do recover over time.
You can rejuvinate your gods, in one mass ceremony, with sufficient worship, donations and sacrifice. The ceremony requires aproximately 10% of the 'summoning' costs of a new god, regardless of how weak or strong the Gods may be.
Also note that 'God Tech' is tied to top game God Tech, making it cheaper for those 'catching up' to the top, like other stats.

Additional base changes

DefCon/Realm Alert Level
This used to limit attacks to one each few seconds (up to 15) on your realm. Now, this limits attacks BY ANY GIVEN PLAYER to one each few seconds (up to 15). So one player massing you, must wait up to 15 seconds between attacks. But 2 players, each attacking, can attack right after each other, with no delay (although then each must wait 15 seconds before doing it again.)

Income Generation
It used to be untrained generated 80naq/turn. Miner 5x80(400). This is now changed to 200 per untrained, and 500 per miner. The intent is to create more naq ingame, from active AND semi/inactive accounts. This should reduce 'feeder' effect.

Turn Generation
The max turns held are reduced to 2000 (from 5000). The turns per 30minutes, increased from 6 to 10. This will benefit the active players, or at least those loggin in more than once each 4 or so days. Again, reducing the effect of feeder accounts, that are not actively playing.

Weapon values have been altered. The major difference is that 'cheaper' weapons, are cheaper now by point too. ie - if a 100 weapon costs 100 naq, a 200 weapon might cost 300 naq. Getting the bigger weapons (which require less units to man) comes at a cost now. No longer is it the only real option to load up on top weapons. --Going with lesser weapons, yes costs you more troops to man them, but gives you more attack or defence power for the same cost. Repairing is based on initial cost, not attack value, so to repair weapons you spend 1000 naq on, will cost the same, regardless if they are big or small weapons (although the small, at same cost, would be more powerful if manned).

Military Experience
This is now divided into total (multi era) and Era Military Experience. Only Era Military experience is ranked (but not added to total rank). Note that Gods are included here, at the same point value as weapons, although of course they are much more powerful so more points destroyed will be available to you to destroy :)



Camelot, the legendary city society of King Aurthor and Magician Merlin, existed in a time of magic and knights and dragons. Or - as hindsight shows, existed with the help of futuristic and very advanced science....
Regardless of the how, there is a quantumverse out there where this aspect of society never disappeared. In fact, it grew with time. So long ago that nobody really knows, dragons appeared. Genetic engineering? Magic? Mating between a duck and a horse? Again, nobody knows. But dragons they were.
They were worshipped, hunted, tamed, famed, fought, and feared. Over time, they grew very very strong, and have always been a part of the societies with which they share planets.
So - as it stands now, you find yourself in a verse that has kept the culture of Camelot, and - more suprising - a verse full of living, breathing, deadly, resistant and powerful dragons...


* Dragons are acquired off the Armory. You can instigate breeding programs to acquire them.
They are not units, and are not weapons. They do fight (and how), and their stamina/health is affected with every battle. Since they are not weapons, you cannot repair them. Being alive, they do heal with time....
Dragons are both offensive and defensive. They (compared to weapons) are incredibly tough (5x as tough) or resistant to losing health/points off maximum capacity. Their ability to do damage is proportional to their health.
If they reach zero health, they die. Being a type of pack, they either all live, or all die...In this sense, it is really the health of the pack that is recorded. A new dragon will only be as healthy as the pack.
Dragon Tech is also available, increasing the dragons potential in battle...
Also, dragon power is not affected by seige tech, or anything except dragon specific tech. They are uniquely their own entities.
Also - they live in isolation until required -- so good luck getting good intel on dragon counts (spies kept getting eaten, trying..). A wise leader, though, can deduce dragon stats by looking at the realm totals, the other contributing factors, and the remainder must be dragon contribution!
In short, you have a whole new type of warfare available to you!



Before the accident, biological research was very advanced in this system. Ethics and morals were always secondary to results - ends always justifying the means. Until the means would not let themselves be justified, that is...
And thus the accident.
Any tissue or organic matter had found itself animated - no matter what its current state. In an effort to eliminate aging, this realm has eliminated death - at least in the traditional sense of the word.
Now - those that had died, came back. Those that should die, do not - but do not continue 'life' as previously known, either. And things that should not exist, do.
The experiment got loose. And deadly. And it wants the realm for itself.
With weapons also organic in nature (or at least tapping into the dead lifeforce or deathforce, that drives these beings), no purpose but conquest of the living, and a perfect coordination in that they will not touch each others spheres of influence (its enough that a living dead has it...) -- they are a force that could spell doom for the living in this quantumverse.
It is now up to you -just having arrived- to give up and join the undead immediately, or try to fight them off....if it is even possible.


* Living Dead, or Undead, are a new race. They get 20% att and def bonus, plus 30% income bonus. They are strong.
They cannot attack each other, nor can they obtain PPT (what use are the treaties of the living?)
Their unique ability is automatic (but not immediate) weapon repair. * Donating is limited to 8USS equivalent an era, one donation per week maximum.
All bonuses are based on your realms stats (not top game stats)
The Upgrade option does not become available until 10 days into the era.
* Market does not have any 'get naq' options (on supporter or daily).
There is a daily market, and a weekly SS bonus for those with SS/era SS
* Techs/Unit Production get cheaper based on the top stats in game. So being the first to buy techs or UP to '#1 spot' will be more expensive than those following.
* Realm/Era Immigration and Population growth Each realm recieves a set UP increase per day, as well as a percent of the game top UP, each day. You can see the amounts off the base page, buy clicking on 'unit production'
* Weapon strength and repair is powerful, but expensive. The weapons are big, and repair costs high (even when hitting low defences). Bringing out such mighty machines wears on their strucutres.
* Happiness and Politicians are gone this era. The undead ate them both.


mid-era update jun19/08

Market turns available to buy (or equal to trade) increased by 5x.

SS Market PPT option decreased to 2 days, from 3 days. Cost remains the same.

The option to trade miners for naq is removed (feeder accounts were using it.. not the intention).
<<<<>>>>This has been replaced with trading miners for happiness. Each miner per turn equivalent (right now about 11 miners) gives one turn worth of the realms top happiness producer ...

Politicians killed when no defence is present, increased to 10 per super sent...STARTING ON THE 22nd OF JUNE
This is to compensate for the removal of the 10% of population as politician maximum, and the increased weapon size requiring less supers ...

Each day, along with the 13 increase in unit production, each realm experiences a onetime immigration
of untrained units equal to about a sixth of the realms top daily unit production. We are all interconnected, here...


This is the realm of the big guns. Bigger than anywhere else so far...
They are more powerful (but more expensive) - and there are more of them. The repair costs are also a bit different - they are calculated as a percent of purchase cost. (1/2 for attack, 1/3 for defence). Additionally, they get more expensive (per point to repair), the more damage they get - so its best to keep them in good repair.
Finally - on weapons - you will find a larger minimum damage is done on each attack. It is less when attacking no/low defence realms, but is not zero...or even close. This acts as both a protection for the tiny accounts (well, not protected, but at least costlier to mass/farm), a way to keep the little farms for littler players, and as a strategy on better turn use. This change was required since turns are now fairly easily acquired...

* What does happiness do? Happiness affects: attack, defence, income and unit production. Your military is quite well trained, and strong of will, so they are only affected half as much. Your unit production is a longer term aspect of the realm, so is also affected half as much by current happiness ranking (it takes a while for the publication of 'the happiest places in the quantumverse' to be written, published and distributed then read). NOTE: this means that your 'actual' unit production could be lower than your 'natural' unit production. Income - being a daily activity of your populations - is fully affected. Your mothership, covert and anti-covert networks are unaffected, being too concerned with external realms or away from the daily living on your worlds.
The happiness effect is measured by your 'happiness multiplier' visible on your base page. It can range from 0.4 for realms not in the top 1000 happiest places, to 1.99 for the happiest place in the quantumverse. The top 100 get a positive multiplier, the 100 to 1000 rank an increasingly negative multiplier. If you are below that, your population is simply miserable -but equally miserable.

* Losing Happiness On Attack

When attacking, your troops get unhappy, their families get unhappy, and -in general- the population gets unhappy. Your battle reports will show the degree of unhappiness - ie how much happiness is lost in the realm - on each attack. It is calculated by a win being 100 per attack turn, a loss 1000 per attack turn used, a lost defence 10 per turn, and a won defence +1 per turn used on you...NEW: MULTIPLIED BY THE NUMBER OF UNITS SENT (the exception is defender win, where the number of attackers is used.) So - in short, the -100/-1000/-10/+1 is PER TURN, PER UNIT.

* Bureaucracy

Similar to covert levels, your realm now has a bureaucracy level. It will make your politicians much more effective (by bureaucracy level squared, actually). The cost is reasonable to start, but gets more expensive quite quickly. A level on its own provides no benefit - it is simply a multiplier for your politicians.

* Market

The market is fully stocked, and will be all era. You have 4 choices of trade, with a daily limit of one trade, and a maximum transaction size. The public market can be used daily. Oh - the rates go up with time...

* Supporter Stuff

Supporter has a new limit of 8 USS equivalent per era. As well, turns are based on days, not UP. And units given are based on the game's top UP - not your own. Additionally, the SS option will not open until the official game market does... This will hopefully keep a better balance - ie provide an advantage to the supporting account, but not make an account uncatchable. It will certainly be more equitable to those that support just occasionally. And those that do not support need not be left behind :)

The rest...
* The remainder (happiness related) works similar to era 14 - ie the politicians confronting an attacking army if there is no defensive units, etc. The only change regards to happiness is the removal of 'public work projects' in favour of the bureaucracy levels.
* Officers no longer follow commanders into alliances. The 2 relationships (off/comm & alliance) are totally separate.
* Unit Production has a natural daily growth rate - currently set to 13UP per day.
* Unit Production will have a multiplier on it - based on your UP as a percent of the top game UP. IE - if you are less than the top, each UP increase will be slightly cheaper. If you are far less, it will be even more reduced (to a point...). Being in the lead is never as easy as following....True in bicycle racing, true here...This will further help in ensuring that whether you take supporter bonuses, or not, you can still compete for top spots...
* Mothership shield damage I have added good 'debugging' on, as I cannot see how it is broken, but as they are used, I will - with the new troubleshooting code added. Once I find out how it is broken, I will fix it...
* Legends will also account for happiness ranks/scores this era. Military experience will likely be added next era...
* The 'new' navigation images may be put in later this era, or next...
* There are also a number of other minor changes that I will leave you to find :)

Enjoy! and may you be better armed, and happier, than your neighbours!!!


update Mar 21/08 - the supporter bonuses for units, and currency, are adjusted to reflect your own (pre officer/commander) production. You get a days worth of either with the bonus.
The realm is similar to many others - everything appears to be 'normal' ... except.... somehow this quantum realm has placed an incredibly large value on the happiness of the local populations...It has pervaded all aspects of all races...specifically:

* In your training area, you can initiate public projects aimed at keeping the populations happier. Each concurrent project is increasingly more expensive, as resources for the projects get increasingly rare. Once you initiate an ongoing project, it will take a life of its own, and continue forever.

* Also in your training area, you can train politicians. They are dedicated to keeping your population happy, by telling them exactly what they want to hear, and then covering their mistakes and lack of real action by more polit-speak (a lot of words, little meaning). No matter what your view on them, you must admit they do keep the populations placated. One note on politicians - once fully trained, they are useless in any productive capacity, so you have resigned yourself to 'once a politician, always a politician'.

* Straight donation to the public - call it charity, or a rebate, or a bribe - but hard currency is always welcome in the hands of the multitudes. Giving more is better than less, and will obviously have a greater affect, but any amount is beneficial...

* So - from public projects, to politicians, to hard currency infusions, you can create 'happiness' within your realm. The happiness in your realm, and the growth (or shrinking) of this happiness, is measured by a happiness indicator, visible in your realm effectiveness on the base page, or the happiness growth per turn on the main area of the base page.

* HAPPINESS IS RELATIVE. If you have the best shack on your street (or the best world of shacks in a galaxy) - you are happy with that. It beats everyone else. If you have the smallest mansion on the street (or the world with the smallest mansions in the galaxy) -- you are NOT happy. Everyone else has more...
Thus...the benefits and drawbacks to a happy or unhappy population, are derived from how happy everyone else is in other realms. Ie - they are ranked. The ranking of happiness has large effects, so is included in overall rank (overall rank now being an average of your rank in attack,defence,covert,mothership, and happiness).

* What does happiness do? Happiness affects: attack, defence, income and unit production. Your military is quite well trained, and strong of will, so they are only affected half as much. Your unit production is a longer term aspect of the realm, so is also affected half as much by current happiness ranking (it takes a while for the publication of 'the happiest places in the quantumverse' to be written, published and distributed then read). NOTE: this means that your 'actual' unit production could be lower than your 'natural' unit production. Income - being a daily activity of your populations - is fully affected. Your mothership, covert and anti-covert networks are unaffected, being too concerned with external realms or away from the daily living on your worlds.
The happiness effect is measured by your 'happiness multiplier' visible on your base page. It can range from 0.4 for realms not in the top 1000 happiest places, to 1.99 for the happiest place in the quantumverse. The top 100 get a positive multiplier, the 100 to 1000 rank an increasingly negative multiplier. If you are below that, your population is simply miserable -but equally miserable.

* How does happiness grow? Each politician (you can only have 10% of your current population trained as politicians) adds some happiness (currently 1), and each ongoing project adds some happiness (currently 10) per turn.
Defending an attack adds to happiness (1 per attack turn), while losing on defence removes happiness (10 per attack turn).
When soldiers leave your world to wage war, unhappiness follows. 100 per attack turn, if you are victorious, and 1000 per turn if you are defeated. If you attack someone who has war declared with you, the effects are only 10% of those just stated.

* When attacking, your politicians stay at home. When defending an attack, your politicians hide. EXCEPT: if you have no defensive army to fight, your local population figuratively shoves your politicians to the front line to negotiate with the invading armies. The only units with the rank, authority and intelligence to deal with these silver-tongued devils are your 'supers'. It is likely there will be some heated disagreements, and since the supers hold the weapons, it is also likely some politicians will die (about 2% of the realms politicians, assuming you have equal or greater numbers of supers to enemy politicians. If you have less, proportionately less than 2% will perish.)

* extras: random factor on attack/defence is no longer 75-100% - it is 90-102%. You can also see, via stat page, others' relation with you -as well as yours with them.
The public market now only offers era market status for turns or currency, and turns for currency. For next era, will see if we can 'fix' the market and offer more goods, but for now, this is the happiest solution...

* FINAL NOTE: This is obviously a fairly large change/addition. We are quite pleased with the framework it puts in place, but being large, and affecting as much as it does, it may undergo some fine tuning as the realm progresses. Any suggestions, complaints, or other such feedback will be watched in the forums, and any changes debated/discussed there in order to make the happiness factor as successful as possible.

Dec, 2007 - ERA 12/13 -GAMBLERS PARADISE

Basic rules, plus a couple gambling additions
1) Gambling in the market - odds in your favor! but the greater risk, the more reward. - limit 10 per day. 2) Double or nothing attacks -- get 2x your strike, or risk no strike at all...

Sept 9, 2007 - ERA 11 -OLD SKOOL RULZ

This is a pure retro realm - stuck in 2005 when SGW first started...
Turns are 10/turn. Income comes from your citizens only. No Supers, No MotherShips, No Official Alliances, No Raid, No DefCon, No Bank, No etc etc etc ... again - old skool.
Since its a lot more basic, the Era is but a 2month one, yet turns are up to 10/turn, to keep it fast.
Enjoy! It will not come again :)

Game Updates

June 12, 2007 - ERA 10 -UBERMAN EXPLOSION

This quantum realm has mastered the ability to transimit -via a special field- a technological/biological wave that has incredible effects on the populace, both military and civilian. This ability has long been stolen and mastered by all races within the quantum-verse, and - for better or worse - the perfection of this single technology dominates the realm in lieu of most other technologies.
That said - it is quite a technology. A realm may instigate the 'UberMan OverCharge' Field - and it will affect just thier subjects. They can set the field strength to one of 3 levels - each level increasing their subjects abilities exponentially.
The downside, as there always is one, is death (yup, quite a downside). A certain percent of subjects - a percent increasing with the field strength - will die while 'amped up' via the UberMan OverCharge.
Each OverCharge lasts just 24 hours, and then all reverts to 'normal.'
Be wary of this tool - as you can see, while powerful, it is also dangerous. But - the real question - is if your enemies will risk it, will you? If you do, you can compete. If you do not, you will surely lose while they are under the UberMan OverCharge. But then again, they will die if they do, while your people may live to overpower them with numbers...IF...IF you can resist the urge to OverCharge.
The choice is yours...choose wisely.
(you can access the ability via the technology page)
Goa'uld now has a 20% income bonus, and their special ability works only on attack.

Mar 11, 2007 - ERA 9 - 'One Way Positive FeedBack Loop Worlds'

New Updates Methodology
QuantumGate or QuantumWars or StarGate Quantum Server is an exploration. It is new worlds, with many things the same era to era, but very definately some things different. You may find some themes exist in some quantum eras, not in others. Some may be brand new. Some may only be seen once, then never again... As with any exploration to new worlds, your must EXPLORE them to see the finer details of differences. It is encouraged to do so, even share what you find on the forums, but Quantum will not have 'all the finer points of gameplay, features and options' slapped in your face each era :) ... A part of the fun is the finding out ...
A game update will be posted per Era, and -if something drastic happens mid era- you will find that here too...
Now all of that said...

Quantum Legends
Ontop of the glory gained during the realm, finishing placement now gives glory as well. 4000 for number 1, 3800 for number 2, 3600 for number 3,...2200 for number 10.
11 gets 1000, 12 gets 900, ... 20 gets 100.
Additionally the top rank in covert, attack, def, mothership, and top commander get 1000 each.
These additions have been applied retroactively to all rounds.

Changes in Era 9 - and what the heck is a feedback loop?
This quantum realm is a very strict class based realm.
When one here is assigned to a role in life, that is exactly what they will do...forever. And it is exactly what their children or offspring will do as well. Democracy never formed as a valid political philosophy, and the feudal system was never overthrown.
What does this mean? Well - when you train a unit, they are 'stuck' in that role, although - as all life procreates - any born into that class will add to the class population. Ie - your unit numbers within the trained classes will grow over time, all on their own.
Training programs to move the 'useless' untrained units into classes are in place here.
Once setup, they work automatically and will train any newcomers each turn.
Is more dynamic...What is in demand, gets increasingly more expensive...(and worth more in return for other goods if you trade in that good...)
Mercenaries, here, are not as lax as elsewhere.
With a stronger ethic and sense of societal order, they do not place their loyalties lightly. If you overstock mercenaries, they will revolt or at least leave.
What is a positive feedback loop?
A positive feedback loop is a system that causes itself to grow, given the right conditions. Action A increases thing B. More of thing B causes more of action A. With more of action A, more of thing B is created.... and so on... In this case, more of a specific class creates more of that class. With even more of that class, more is created than before. Then with even MORE of that class, more again is created than before....
One way?
Different positive feedback loops can balance each other out... if they have opposite effects. Or - by reversing one of the 2 (or more) factors feeding the loop, the loop can at least be slowed if not stopped. That will not happen here. Once the loop is in place, it keeps going (ie no untraining - once you build up a unit type, it WILL keep building, FASTER AND FASTER, even if you never touch it again...) - there is no stopping it thus one way.
Anything else?
YES. but you will have to find out what else, on your own :)

Feb 1, 2005

Game Released to the public.

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